How I work may not be as another astrologer would or, indeed, may not be how you would if you are an astrologer. However it is how I work and have done for many years and  this article may, I hope, give you an understanding of how you can approach your own astrological journey and give you a thought that there may be more to astrology!

Whether you have had your chart prepared for you, or have an interest sparked by reading your horoscope, you will very quickly see that there are more books, and texts, about astrology than you and I could possibly read in our lifetimes.


Behind the scenes

This is me in consultation at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair and I so look forward to when we can do this again!


My history

I was born in August and this gives me a Leo Sun. I never felt like a Leo Lion was supposed to though. No roaring for me and you would usually find me in a corner of the playground hoping break time would be over quickly and that I wouldn’t have to speak to anyone. And as for going out on stage … well I tried … but I was much happier in the wardrobe department or even prompting!

And then, a lot of years later, I learnt how to read the symbolism of tarot and decided to give astrology a chance. What a life changing decision. My chart was duly drawn up and read for me by a leading astrologer.

light bulb

Light bulb moment!

So much suddenly made sense.  My Leo Sun is in a particular position in the sky inspiring me to help others shine. And as to all of my other planets – it was as if someone had suddenly given me a manual to understand me!

And, ever since then, my respect for astrology has grown along with reading, writing and experiencing it!


The Craft of Astrology

I learnt how to set up an astrology chart before computer programs were the norm. Drawing up a chart is an amazing thing to do and, even though I use a computer for the basic birth chart calculations now, I find so many more insights when I sit and draw it by hand. So I will often copy a chart from my screen and draw the planets, stars, asteroids and planetary movements. It becomes a work of art, my craft, and truly fitting for the honour of interpreting a chart for someone.

astrology chart reading

The best advice I give to anyone who really wants to understand astrology (a life long process I can tell you!) is to watch it unfold. After initially learning I very quickly began reading charts 1-1, at camps and at festivals all over the country. I have given workshops and talks over the years and added in learning from talking to people. Curiosity is probably one of the best traits to have as an astrologer!

A computer will, very quickly, give you a chart and even offer generic interpretations but it is up to the astrologer to:

a) check a chart is correct

b) look at it as a whole and not just individual planets as a chart tells a whole story

c) offer interpretations – remember that nothing is fate as we all have choices all of the time!

d) apply planetary transits from the past to begin to make sense for the now and future trends.


Our Universe

The stars, planets, our earth and the Universe are constantly moving around and changing their patterns. And so a unique pattern of the stars in the sky is available for every birth. It may be that you wish to know more about the birth of yourself, the start of a business, a purchase you are about to make or the launch of a book or course. All of those ‘births’ will have a chart available for the moment. And that natal chart will remain the same. It is the blue-print and map of all potentials and possibilities and we can choose whether to be in flow with those energies … or not!

solar system

Your/the birth chart remains the same. But the planetary energies and influences change giving more opportunities for growth and … well … those choices!

And, as if looking at planetary transits (the patterns made) isn’t a big enough deal, we can learn so much about ourselves by seeing what happened during a previous and similar pattern made and so be prepared for what is to come.


What I use

Behind the scenes and my ‘tools of trade’ are:

almost 30 years of reading charts, studying, giving talks and workshops, working professionally AND of course using astrology daily for myself!

my own daily practices of watching the stars unfold their amazing stories;

100 year + 50 year + individual yearly ephemeris;

pens and pencils for writing my notes down and re-creating the charts;

an excellent computer program called Time Passages from astrograph.com which has basic through to professional packages and has brilliant customer service.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes of how I work. I love talking astrology so please do look at my website for more blogs and how to work with me!

As always, with love, from Alison x

PS – Start using the planetary energies every day! <<download here>>