There are many myths about astrology that have built up over the years …

Do you ever hear questions such as “will astrology tell my future for me …” or “how can something up in the sky possibly be of use to me”?harvest


Years ago (and perhaps still now?) astrology would have been practised by Kings & Queens, by warriors, by philosophers & teachers and, of course, by farmers who needed to know the best time for planting crops or to harvest. They would have been more interested in ‘favourable’ times of the month or year rather than paying heed to myths about astrology.


Daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes based on Sun sign astrology is a very new activity as far as astrology history is concerned – 1930s for the first newspaper horoscope article and during the 1950s for sun/star sign based horoscopes.


And so I’d like to ‘bust’ some myths about astrology!



Astro Myth #1

Q. “Can you tell my Future?”

A. You have many! All brilliantly tailored for you…

Astrology does not have just one clearly defined destination for any of us. What the stars do offer, however, are best possible choices for us as we move forwards.

At the moment of our birth into time and space the Universe offers a unique pattern of stars, planets & asteroids. That pattern will never be seen again … ever! It is yours – a birth chart and map of unfolding potentials especially for you.

Then look at what the stars are doing right now, and will do ahead, and map them onto your birth chart. And that gives you excellent choices and routes forward … all entirely suited to your birth blue-print!

You are unique and special and have choices!


Astro Myth #2

Q. “ But it’s a retrograde! Everything is going wrong …”

A. Our Universe constantly, and wondrously, moves forwards. All the planets and stars are moving, as are we of course (!), although all at different rates. This is how our stars continue to unfold into beautiful, and new patterns, both around us and including us.

Sometimes the stars appear to be moving backwards – in part due to our Earthly orbit and also due to their change in ‘pace’. This alters the energy available in a subtle way.

And there is our key to busting the myth of ‘retrogrades cause x y z’ …! 

Planetary energy offers us opportunities and potentials for us to choose how we use it. And sometimes we are asked to look back in order to move forwards.

Perhaps during a Mercury retrograde you become aware of a piece of machinery needing a service or of paperwork needing attention. Maybe during a Venus retrograde you decide to plan a new garden space. And then, because those planets are offering great ‘re-think’ energy, making appointments or sitting with a planner becomes a great way to use the energy to your advantage!

Retrograde = time to re-imagine or re-do …


Astro Myth #3

Q. “I had my chart read years ago so nothing has changed …”

A. At every moment of time and space the planets are changing their patterns and this gives us infinite potentials and opportunities. And we can use that information to see where the best possible choices are for us as unique beings and as we walk along our path here on Earth.

Your original chart interpretation gives you the start and then the choice of great destinations opens up! An astrologer will look at your birth map and then apply the current and future star patterns. And also Remember that your birth chart gives you an amazing key to understanding yourself and the world around you!


Astro Myth #4

Q. “I read my stars every day – what’s the point of having my chart drawn up?”

A. The daily stars, or weekly/monthly, in your magazine will focus on your star/Sun sign. This is the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. And most of us will know that!

However we are so much more!

At the time of birth you arrived with all of the planets making a pattern around the place where you were born. The day, time and place gives you a unique moment of arrival on this planet Earth and, when we map out the stars around you, we see every sign of the zodiac, the twelve constellations,  as well. This begins to tell the story of you. From how you see the world to how you are seen. From the type of work best suited to your relationship with travel. And much more. All of the wonderful potentials. Here is a link to an article about what an astrology chart reading is <<read more>>

Please do read your daily stars as they will have a flavour for you of the day/week.month ahead. However your unique horoscope will tell you so much more!


Astro Myth #5

Q. “Anyone can look at the stars … what’s so special?”

A. I would love everyone to go outside, look at the moon and see the wealth and enormity of our amazing Universe.

Then observe your own unique relationship with Moon energy through the phases from New to Full and then to New again. It demonstrates our sensitivity to the Moon.

And then the next logical steps are to work with the other planets as well – and for this you may need to consult an astrologer.   


I’ve spent over 20 years studying, and working with, the astrology around us. From the technicalities of chart preparation (for the moment of birth) through to being on the ground and reading the charts for people from all walks of life. And it is wonderful to see just how helpful knowing more about ourselves, and how we ‘fit’ into this Universe of ours, is.

Before each client consultation I will have spent several hours in preparation by immersing myself in their unique birth chart and looking at the planetary trends that have happened, and will happen, in relation to that individual chart. And then, when we meet, we can see just where the best possible choices are.  Book a call to chat to me here <<book a call here>>


But … for now … to begin … go outside tonight and look at the moon!  Wheel of the Year


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the myths about astrology!

As always, with love, from Alison

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