When we set out to know more about the Planet Mercury it is to delve deeply into how each of us communicates with each other and with the world in which we live. Mercury

Thought becomes form and there is a Mercurial key!

So who, what, why, where and how does Mercury energy have such an effect?

Where is Mercury?

The Planet Mercury is the closest to the Sun and is also the smallest planet. Mercury gets extremely hot during the day and very cold at night due to the lack of atmosphere – he cannot hold onto his heat … or his messages! Cold, cold, cold, and hot, hot, hot! Very mercurial.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet and takes around 88 days to orbit the Sun. However, from an astrological point of view, we usually find Mercury in the same sign of the zodiac as the Sun. I say ‘usually’ as Mercury timings can be a little, shall we say, erratic due to a retrograde motion three or four times in a calendar year. – more about that change in energy later! Mostly we can know that Mercury is very close to the Sun and so in the same ‘star sign’.


Who is Mercury?

There are so many clues to the nature and layers of Mercury symbolism/resonance in astrology already in the information mentioned. Even more unfold when we look at the Glyph.    Know more about Mercury
Starting at the bottom the cross is symbolic of the connection between body and mind.

Next the unbroken circle represents Spirit and life force.

And finally the half circle resting at the top is in receptive mode and open to the Universe.

Mercury as the Messenger

When we see an image of Mercury he is sometimes depicted as having wings on his feet. This symbolises the fleeting nature of his journey around the Universe and he is known as the Quick-silver fast moving messenger mercurywho, in mythology, collected and delivered messages between the earth dwellers and the gods.

This is a useful quick-witted energy for trade and negotiations, aspiring to goals or exploring new ideas. Mercury communicates by broadcasting and is in his element when learning something new. There are no emotions in the Mercury ‘speech’, ‘thought’, ‘ideas’ as it is all about the intellect and imagery.

In the Tarot Mercury is symbolised by the Magician archetype and so we can draw upon the energy of mind-power.


Astrological Insights

Mercury rules Wednesday and, by looking at the old name of Woden day we also unwrap layers of mythology.  Woden was King of the Anglo-Saxon gods / Odin the chief in Norse mythology.

Both Gemini & Virgo are ruled by Mercury and we see very different personalities displayed by Mercurial energy through those signs. In Gemini he will offer the quick wit and fast intellect whilst in Virgo he offers attention to detail and deep thinking.

We all have the planet Mercury somewhere in our birth chart and by considering the sign of the zodiac in which he was at our birth (usually our Sun/Star sign) together with the placement in the chart (the house) we are able to ascertain the nature of Mercury for us as an individual. 


Do you know where Mercury was at the moment of your birth?

How we use Mercury is determined by that placing and, by really delving deeply into understanding this, we establish our own unique ways of communicating and of learning. And how we negotiate in business … and our money mindset … and just about every other Mercurial trait you could think of! Of course we also use the Mercury energy by seeing where the planet is astrologically at a particular time and the patterns made with other stars/planets.

Our universe continually giving us energies to choose from to use for our purpose on a daily (or moment by moment) basis!


Know more about Mercury going retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde usually only happens three times in a year. And it’s for less than three weeks each time, but the amount of press that messenger planet gets is far out of proportion to the amount of time, he is spending in retrograde! It is useful to know more about Mercury retrograde as it is a very, very significant planetary energy, and one that we can really enjoy using.

Let’s dispel a myth straight away! A Mercury retrograde will not cause your computer to crash or washing machine to break down. However you may become more aware of problems that need addressing during this period of time! It’s all about tweaking, refining, considering, editing, looking at dotting the i’s and crossing the T’s.

Nothing in our universe goes backwards as our universe moves forwards, all of the time. The planets ,the stars, asteroids are all constantly moving at different paces creating unique patterns in the sky and in the universe around us. However every now and again it appears as if Mercury is going backwards from our perspective here on planet Earth. The energy will have changed. It’s a subtle shift in energy but oh my word, it truly is so very useful.

Absolutely useful.

Where do you need to take a step back and revisit or RE DO or edit or reconsider or give it that final polish before you release your message or material to the world. Or what will you receive during this time? Or learn?


Remember everything about the universe is about offering choices and potentials for us to make, or be, the best version of ourselves.

We have free choice and free will. You choose the what, where, how …!

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And don’t forget we are of the stars.

We live here on planet Earth.

As always, with love, from Alison xx

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