Have you noticed a change in the way you are waking and sleeping recently?

Why, maybe you are wondering, is Alison asking me about this … how does it fit in with astrology … ???

Two of the most popular questions I am noticing are:

1) “I’m dreaming a lot right now – is there a reason for that?”  &

2) “Is it normal to be sleeping later and later?”


Maybe this is why…

Whilst the cycles of the Moon nearly always have an impact on our dreaming patterns it is fair to say that these are very unusual planetary times and so I looked deeper into the ‘why’s’.

And I noticed how our daily patterns have shifted and changed with restrictions being introduced, then lifted, then reintroduced and offices, shops and buildings closed.

As human beings, we are so very spiraladaptable and stoic in the face of what we need to do to survive. To survive is the purpose of our ego and we will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure continued existence!

We are amazing humans and history constantly shows us just how much we not only choose to live but we strive to evolve and grow as well.

And so a situation calls for us to alter our standard patterns of waking and sleeping behaviour and we absolutely step up to the mark and try to do our best …

We have had generations, and years, of society calling us up to a clock based waking, and working, day.

Suddenly the six o’clock train to catch a tube to walk to an office for an eight o’clock meeting has disappeared. And that 8am meeting is suddenly an 8pm online conference call. A hurried sandwich lunch at a desk becomes preparing lunch for family. Our complete structure of a ‘day in the life of …’ has changed!


The Sleep/Wake Rhythm

Your sleep/awake schedule may well have shifted and altered beyond all recognition! waking

“It feels so normal to start work in the afternoon”
“I can’t switch off at night now as I have meetings in the evening.”
“I’m getting up later in the morning … am I lazy?”

These are all comments seen over the last few weeks from various platforms and, I’m sure, you have your own to add.

We all have our own ‘sleep/awake’ clocks that usually need no thought given. An alarm clock will make sure that we get up in time for the bus or train. And then our day is pretty regulated for lunch time and evening meal. Waking and sleeping to suit our day.

But things are different now. With more and more of us working from home, together with partners, we may be sharing coffee tables for lap tops and kitchen plug sockets for chargers. And then there is also, of course, home schooling, or the ‘noise’ of others in the household.


Deep Remembering

There is a saying that will resonate with our ancestral memories which may well be of help here!

“Up with the lark”

Or “wake at dawn and bed at dusk”.

It is only a few years ago (relatively speaking!) that we would have been, quite naturally, waking as the sun rose and making sure that our tasks were completed in daylight. And then evenings, that time as the sun went down, for the more indoors tasks or story telling. Our bodies, and minds, really do remember a time when our cycles and rhythms were much more in tune with those of our planet earth and the Universe.  It is at the deep of Winter that we yearn for the sun and for light (and warmth!) to return.                    sunrise

Rhythms and cycles. Our own body clocks.

Sleeping and dreaming. Doing and being.

Listening to our inner self becomes even more crucial as we move into these new planetary energies. We are being given an opportunity to ground ourselves with the earth. To learn a new way of being in tune with our bodies, our families, our neighbours and find those different (may I offer the word ‘better’ here?) ways of working.


Top Tip!


By understanding ourselves (and knowing your birth chart is one way of delving into the magical being that is you!) we can choose how we structure our day.

Choose what filters to apply to media and listen to what your body says. Switch to a cycle and rhythm that suits you and your family. And if you find negotiations are needed know that you are giving yourself choices.

Choice is powerful.  Listening to our own cycles and rhythms is a very powerful and liberating way of being.

And make time for you!

As always, with love from Alison x

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