Shadows and Light

In this time of shadows and light – remember to listen to your inner self … and allow the Universe to whisper to you …
You are unique … With your own story to tell … A Pathway to walk in many dimensions … Choices arranged, with love, by the Universe and to unfold gradually in cosmic flow from the moment of your birth …
There are 3 turning wheel of the year dates to be aware of this month.  shadows and light
New Moon in Sagittarius December 14th at 16:16 London time
Winter Solstice / Yule when the Sun moves into Capricorn – December 21st at 12:00 London time
Full Moon is in Cancer (December 30th at 03:28 London time)


The New Moon chart carries a strong fire emphasis to properly set the scene for an epic planetary change as we go through the Winter Solstice gateway and on towards the Full Moon … welcoming in the shadows and light!

We will concentrate on the New Moon and Yule for this post though. There are opportunities for a truly new vision to emerge for each of us and especially if your birth chart has a strong Fire / mutable element to it or planets at 25º-27º or 0º of a sign. Shadows and light ready for understanding, transformation and showing us the way forward.  shadows and light

At the moment of the New moon Jupiter and Saturn are in the closing degrees of Capricorn and Sun / Moon / Mercury in Sagittarius … and then …

Winter solstice moves the sun into Capricorn together with Mercury.  Jupiter & Saturn move into Aquarius. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn are all at 0º of their new signs at the same time. Quite a planetary blast of energy and a welcome change for us all.

My advice?

Use the next few weeks to really begin a personal new vision. Over the past months we have been witnessing, and experiencing, a planetary reset which does carry with it both a responsibility and also an alchemical opportunity for major transformation. This continues into next year however one step at a time (!) and here we have one big step towards our alignment and balance.

If you have been around me for a while you will know how much I appreciate the energy of Chiron and which is now at 4º of Aries having completed around 2 years of his 8ish year transit through that sign. Chiron brings the light to those areas needing attention – he is known as the ‘wounded healer’ and the energy really is in alignment with how we can best move forwards if we are working with the ‘shadows and light’ all around us. The mythology around which much of our understanding of how the planets lend us their potentials is based is fascinating. And the story of Chiron is well worth researching if you feel drawn to do so!

Here for you …

I love astrology and working with the earth energies. One question I am most often asked is how to learn about ‘it’ all. My answer remains the same. Read, think, experience, observe.

Our planet earth, Gaia, will teach us.

My own astrology has been intense this year. Imagine for a moment having a Saturn return (my natal Saturn is conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn) at a time when the whole planet is experiencing the most powerful Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter energy in decades.  And I feel, observe and learn from myself to understand and (hopefully!) serve even better for you.

I will be adjusting my consultations in line with how ‘what we need to know about the planetary influences during 2021’ is shaping up and also your feedback.
Power time sessions will stay in place during 2021 (loving those wonderful half hour times we get to spend exploring together!).

Astrology consultations

NB – limited appointments at 2020 prices!

The prices below are only available for appointments booked until the end of January 2021.

First astrology consultation

If you have never had your chart drawn up and read by me here is the link and be prepared to begin a journey of uncovering your inner and outer worlds with all of the potentials of the Universe!

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Follow-up astrology consultations

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Power-time half hour for …

Astro-chat – let’s chat around your chart. Not a consultation but useful if you want to explore one aspect of your chart or of the astrology of now! Or if you would like to see whether a full consultation would be useful … maybe spend a half hour with me learning: how to dowse using a pendulum; developing your intuition; learning a new tarot spread.

£49 and click here for the booking link   

Thank you!

I thank you for reading and for being here alongside me on our journey together. I would love to hear from you – keep well, safe, warm, and go gently through this amazing time.

As always, with love from Alison x

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