Are you ready for a spectacular full moon on Monday to begin setting our scene for Winter Solstice and the gateway which will appear?

You are unique … With your own story to tell … A Pathway to walk in many dimensions … Choices just for you arranged, with love, by the Universe and to unfold gradually in cosmic flow from the moment of your birth …



This spectacular full moon on Monday is the last one before our Winter Solstice. And so it gives us a space to consider just what we wish to take through that gateway which appears on December 21st when the Sun moves into Capricorn.
For now the Sun has entered into Sagittarius asking us all to sharpen our arrows and look at just where we would like them to land. It’s a fire sign and so has a vibrant energy for actions.

And we must look at the wondrous brilliance of this Full Moon in Gemini on Monday (09:30 GMT) to offer us a very inspiring chart of the sky at that moment.
Astrology is so exciting and this Full Moon leading towards the Winter Solstice has such potential for us all!

In the sky on Monday … The Sun and Moon are opposite each other through Gemini and Sagittarius, Uranus is opposite Venus and making patterns for the rise of quite feminine energy. Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct making their last aspects of the cosmic dance which has taken much of this year. I’ve included a chart for the Full Moon moment at the bottom of this letter.

This time is all about connections and connecting. Communication with the outer and inner worlds. Remember that the energy for Samhain/Halloween brought us together inside to prepare for the colder weather. And so we begin conversations that have time and space to unfold as we walk along our pathways of the rhythm of this world.

Charge and cleanse crystals by placing them in view of the Moon over the next few nights and their messages will have a clarity.  Write for the sheer enjoyment of pen/pencil on paper.

Ground yourself and feel the strength of roots.

Here for you …

My offers will all be changing after the Solstice however here are the ways in which I can help shine a light for you and your pathway forwards as we all find balance in the rhythm of the Universe.

Power-time half hour for …

Astro-chat – let’s chat around your chart. Not a consultation but useful if you want to explore one aspect of your chart or of the astrology of now! Or if you would like to see whether a full consultation would be useful …

Or spend a half hour with me learning:

how to dowse using a pendulum;

developing your intuition;

Creating a meditative mandala using cards or drawing techniques.

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PS – you can book as many of these sessions as you wish (one person used the facility to have a 1-1 tarot course with me by booking 5 sessions – discount available for that so contact me!)

Your first astrology consultation

If you have never had your chart drawn up and read by me here is the link and be prepared to begin a journey of uncovering your inner and outer worlds with all of the potentials of the Universe!

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Follow-up astrology consultations

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Event, business launch and corporate astrology are bespoke services so please contact me separately if you would like more information.

thank you for reading and for being here alongside me on our journey together. I would love to hear from you – keep well, safe, warm, and go gently through this amazing Full Moon energy.

As always, with love from Alison x

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PS – here’s the chart for the spectacular full moon!