This November new moon sets the scene for our month ahead and of nurture and nourish…

We are all still facing outer restrictions in some way or other and yet remember just how many times we, as humans, have been tested and re-covered. And this November new moon has all the possibilities and ‘newness’ for just that. It is so helpful right now to see Uranus retrograde in Taurus giving collective inspiration for re-viewing our way forward especially with finance I suspect!
I’m writing this as news of a vaccine is breaking and a feeling that we have that sense of hope and new vision brewing away.

Mercury in Scorpio … Mars in Aries (retrograde turning direct on the 14th) … Venus is in Libra (will enter Scorpio on the 21st) …

Your love letter:
What makes your heart sing? Is there something that you can do to bring a sense of beautiful peacefulness to your body … or your mind … or your soul?
Maybe a walk in nature followed by quiet dreaming time. Perhaps a home spa with gentle music. Or mad crazy dancing to some seriously loud music!
Writing, doodling, painting and using colour. Bring vibrancy into the home and your world. Move cushions, change the tea you drink or even just give permission to your eyes to watch the sky.

And let me know – I love to hear how you are enjoying moments right now.
And scroll down to the end of this email if you wish to get to something really joy-full from youtube!

My News!

Still not on social media! There are some people and groups that I miss however (!) the space, still-ness, quiet, time for email / letter / calls, quiet (did I say that already!) and … most of all … I feel a gentle balance returning to all of my energetic fields.
I may dip my toe into LinkedIn again very soon but not just yet.

And so my email list and website remains my main focus which is like a breathe of fresh air. And I’m tidying up my website and office in readiness for the new work to enter as we move closer to the Solstice gateway. More about that later as we truly are at a strong planetary shift time which continues into next year.

Planetary News!

New Moon on Sunday in Scorpio (see the theme here!).
Here we go. Moon & Sun both at 23º Scorpio at 05:08 15th November GMT.
An intriguing new moon energy. Especially given (and I’m loving this) Venus is still in Libra and making a square to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn all in Capricorn. Now some would say that the square brings in a challenge and I say that the challenge is necessary. Test out how to balance those Capricorn energies as we prepare for the Winter Solstice in December. Walk a labyrinth and let gentle love wash over your soul.


How I Lovingly Serve you

Appointments available for:

Power-time half hour for …

Astro-chat – let’s chat around your chart. Not a consultation but useful if you want to explore one aspect of your chart or of the astrology of now! And, of course if you would like to see whether a full consultation would be helpful!!

Or spend a half hour with me learning:

how to dowse using a pendulum;

developing your intuition;

Creating a meditative mandala using cards or drawing techniques.

£49 and click here for the booking link   

PS – you can book as many of these sessions as you wish (one person used the facility to have a 1-1 tarot course with me by booking 5 sessions – discount available for that so contact me!)

Other Resources

This to cheer!!
Dorothy Dandridge with Fayard & Harold Nicholas (the Nicholas Brothers) performing “Chattanooga Choo Choo” in SUN VALLEY SERENADE (1941) dir. H. Bruce Humberstone …


Thank you!

thank you for reading and for being here alongside me on our journey together. I would love to hear from you – keep well, safe, warm, and go gently through this amazing New Moon energy.

As always, with love from Alison xxx

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