July with inner sparkle! And July begins with 5 planets still retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. 

By the end of July Mercury will have turned direct bringing us the insights and thoughts, learning and clarity, new arts & crafts …

And, for July with inner sparkle, the beautiful feeling of the world turning and all is moving on for us and we really do not need to rush out there to prosper.  July with inner sparkle

Perhaps the key to our July with inner sparkle is in the retrograde planets plus that Mercury direct and a requirement that we all begin to see how to weave our way forwards again.

Interesting to note that the new Moon this month is also in the sign of Cancer and so will bring the energy from the Solstice forward for illumination. Especially as the third eclipse of this season occurs in July as well!


Making and doing and exploring new energy.

Taking time out to relax and allow the ‘new’ times to gently unfold into what will be-come. 




Oh! And get ready for the meteor showers at the end of the month.

They may be spectacular to see! 

A true July with inner sparkle shining in the sky!



♈️   Aries 

Mars is one of the few planets driving forward in a more usual pattern and, towards the end of the month, forms an inspiring square with Mercury. Push ahead with your dreams and goals this month and doors will begin to open. Perhaps you will be altering how you present yourself, or your work, however there is always room for making improvements and those will evolve quite naturally over the coming months. And so give everything a polish and let the planets help you dance and laugh and move forwards. 


 ♉️  Taurus

Remember last month and making time to dream again? Keep going Taurus as family, or maybe ancestral, needs and wishes will feed into your perception of your months ahead. What does that mean? Well, a combination of listening to family, providing the taxi service that you do so well, making sure all are fed with beautiful food (which you also do so well!) and also hearing the voice of inspiration for yourself. Take some moments to do something creative to help remember your purpose and dreams.


 ♊️  Gemini

There is a great social aspect to your month ahead Gemini … yes really! More than ever your sparkly wit and gentle turn of words will be in demand. New people to meet and different places to go and a balance of on and offline events. And there is also a money story going on as well. And so another side to balance as well. Keep an eye on those books and your bank account and have a longer term view of available funds. You may be making decisions now of just which events and parties you wish to attend. Choices! Gemini you have choices!!


 ♋️  Cancer

Hello Cancerians and last month we talked about balance and seeing the joy (celebration) as the Sun moved into your birth sign. With a second new moon in your sign at the end of July, and Mercury turning direct before the Sun leaves your sign, this is quite an opportunity to really craft your vision. Set a goal for the next month, Cancer, and the energy will assist you. Break it down into imaginative steps and consider each one at dawn and again at dusk. The magic begins!


♌️   Leo

The Sun moves royally into your sign on the 22nd and it is perfectly fine to use the fist part of July to prepare for that celestial event. Self-care and love of body, mind and spirit, plus revitalising parts of home or garden – all are indicated for thought and some actions! Take your favourite jacket out of the wardrobe and look at the seams and pockets. Are repairs required? Or perhaps a new brooch or buttons. Permission to spend time on you especially if a part of your celebration in July is going outside to make a wish on a shooting star.


 ♍️ Virgo

In these horoscopes there is usually at least one sign of the Zodiac that I give particular thanks to. Virgo, this month, it is you! You will be bringing an air of gentle earthiness to the planet which is very well needed. Your style of earth magic ranges from the making, weaving, pottery, cooking amazing meals, planning and preparation. Towards the end of this month please make time for you. Emotions may well become heightened around you and you will, of course, have a tissue at the ready – however you do not have to do it all. Allow that time to step outside and breathe. Stretch your body if you can and visualise that amazing yoga pose of saluting the sun. Time for you.


 ♎️  Libra

Venus in the directors chair gives you options as you navigate business and employment this month. Problems become slowly solved during the weeks and that new project starts to become something to really enjoy. You may find that some things need relinquishing in order to make space for that project and that is fine. Just go at your own pace, quietly forging ahead and remember to make time for new people and/or inspirations which will be emerging as we go into this second half of the year.


♏️   Scorpio

A great gift, Scorpio, is to see the bigger picture in all detail and all layers. You are able to look deeply beneath the surface and see the amazing qualities often hidden. This is a month for you to be delving into those depths whether for yourself or for others. Don’t be surprised to be, at times, very much in demand and then to be completely quiet. Take time to go within and celebrate the insights. And write. Maybe this is the time for that fantasy novel to begin. Or perhaps you take one out of the library to read!


♐️   Sagittarius

Those plans that you began to ponder on during June now require structure. Possibly this is far, far way away from where you really thought you would be in July! And there is your key for this month. Your destination is nearer than you think and, when you release that arrow and send your dreams flying forward, the structure of how to get there comes into view. Think of a bird flying so high and yet so visible. Your plans are fine and will just take time to unfold. One plan. One action. A structure. All is moving forwards.


♑️   Capricorn

With the full moon in your sign on the 5th and at 13º, so almost in the centre, prepare to release some connections with the past long overdue. New territory awaits you Capricorn. And the joy of being in the middle of a significant lunar cycle is that you can take your time over this. What new energy will you welcome as we go through the months towards the Winter solstice and your birth sign? No fast decisions required. A gentle walk forward into new energy. And perhaps a new role at work beckons …


 ♒️  Aquarius

Uranus offers those new opportunities for you this month as well Aquarius. As new structures in workplaces and society are slowly becoming more apparent so, too, are you able to express your versatility. It seems as if your words are no longer hidden in a need to conform!  Indeed your energy is required to spark conversations and bring new ideas to the table. Life is colourful Aquarius and you may find yourself wearing a rainbow of colours.


♓️   Pisces

Neptune is offering you a calm, beautiful and intuitive time as you take those steps out into the world. Mercury will also offer the right words as you emerge into the open. The world wants to hear your message Pisces however please be gentle with yourself as you go. There is likely to be money news for you during the second week and this will empower a decision about work, business or utilities. Keep yourself grounded and yet also have a sparkly laugh of enjoyment too! 


As always, with love and a little bit of July with inner sparkle!   



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