The Moon is in Virgo and opposite Neptune in Pisces.

There is Magic around us if we choose to see it. The Moon in an earth sign and Neptune in his element of a water sign! Dreamtime, imagination, emotions close to home. And magic around.


Do we make our own magic or does magic happen?

This is probably a question that has been asked for millennia. Imagine our ancestors sitting around fire and musing on magic.magic around

There was a time when the very act of creating fire was seen as magic. Dowsing for a water source was seen as a necessary service and then as something magical. Water does not run under the earth’s surface in straight lines and so some way of divining / finding water was needed. Professional water dowsers are still employed to this day although not to the extent as in much earlier times! Have you tried dowsing? It’s great fun and remarkably accurate.


And what about the cycles?

The very act of the Moon becoming Full and then moon light slowly disappearing was once seen as mysterious. And then the first sliver of a new Moon as a cause of celebration. And eclipses were treated as the height of concern. Would the Sun appear again? Magic to watch the cycle of the Sun as it goes through the seasons and through lengthening and shorter days.

magic around

Lightening, the Northern lights, pink sky mornings, moving pictures – all would have been seen as magic. Events causing wonder and amazement. Awe and achievement.


Does or does not magic exist?

The very thought of asking whether magic has an existence seems almost … wrong!

Magic is magic. And there will always be magic. One day the nature of our Universe will be explained in scientific language … maybe. And yet there will still be mysteries.


The Moon is in Virgo and opposite Neptune in Pisces.

Magic around if we choose to use our imagination. And there is the key for today, our Moon magic day. We have been given the gift of imagination and are able to use that to conjure up worlds and dreams. Our curiosity makes us use our imagination to solve questions.

Is the earth flat? Will we fall off the edge if we sail into the distance?magic around

How brave of those explorers to actually be curious enough to go and see! What drove their curiosity?

Astrologically  Рwhat did drive their curiosity?

Was it a strong Aquarius aspect of wanting to enquire? Or Gemini asking questions and looking to connect? Leo wanting new forms of entertainment and to understand different cultures. Aries striving. Pisces questing for new beliefs. Every sign of the zodiac has it’s own angle for wanting to explore.

What are you curious about? Curious enough to use your imagination and come up with different scenarios or solutions. And then are you, would you be, brave enough to try?

Our little blue planet is round and beautifully held in place in the universe.

We have the Sun for warmth and life. We have water and food. Everything that we, as human beings, need is here for our continued existence. Including each other. Mercury is currently in the Sign of Cancer and, as you will know if you have been reading these articles over the last few days, Mercury is giving us all a wake up call message. Right now he is square to Chiron in Aries. Chiron the wounded healer who carries so much information for our evolution through healing. Yes there is much for us to be healing as far as the planet is concerned. However our current crisis is actually much closer to home.magic around

There is an epidemic and it is loneliness. We are social animals and need to have interactions with others. Mercury in Cancer, square to Chiron, is inviting us to care and chat. To have gorgeous, beautiful, short, caring, fun conversations. To reconnect with each other. To be magic with each other.

And there is real magic.

That we are able to connect with each other and enjoy conversations. And love.

We are MAGIC – each and every one of us.

As always, with love, from Alison x



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