with a Sun opposite Jupiter and Venus moving into Gemini – how will you enjoy and Inspire?

These are strange times indeed and we all have much to be aware of and to be wary of. And yet to find ways of enjoying ourselves too. There’s a lot going on at the moment. There is information and mis-information. There is media ‘talk’ and much going on ‘under the surface’. There are many, many distractions for us all.

Entertainment distracts us. Entertainment fuels us. Entertainment soothes us. And Entertainment inspires us.

Over the next few days especially I would ask you to ground yourself by asking:

Am I distracting myself?

Am I being distracted?

Am I distracting others?

How am I inspired? Really and truly inspired?

And then the entry of Venus into Gemini will show up for all of us in ways that we are able to bring great joy to ourselves, each other and to the planet.

Yes – the message is as big as that.

How are you inspired to step up and give permission for making the world, our world, a place of inspiration and joy.

I was inspired to write this piece on Saturday, Saturn’s day.

What will you do?

As always with love, from Alison


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