How are you today? Venus in Taurus asks the Moon in Leo!

Friday is Venus day and so the day that we celebrate that planet of beauty, compassion, growth and abundance. The planet is at the end of the sign of Venus and so is preparing to move into Gemini which will alter the energy. However she has not changed sign yet and is still giving us much to think about for time spent in our home, for our self and for each other.

The Moon is in Leo and so we have an opportunity to enjoy ourselves. What make you feel good? It is too easy to recommend ‘self care’ sometimes. For what is caring to the self for one person may well be excruciatingly awkward for another! I usually ask ‘What makes you feel good?’ and then wait for the answer.

We all know what recharges us or rebalances us. And that is our self care. Unique to us.

How are you today? Venus in Taurus asks the Moon in Leo! The energy in the sky is there for us all to ask ourselves how we are and to then have fun, and enjoy, our own particular form of pampering.

As always, with love from Alison

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