Speak from your heart today and your messages will be heard, listened to and seen! Today is Jupiter day (as it’s Thursday) and Jupiter is in Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini. Its an interesting chart today with the emphasis on communication being quite real.

With Moon opposing Saturn & Pluto trining Venus we build up a picture of our words, actions and thoughts truly having meaning. This is quite a week for the emotions being very close to the surface and yet also for us to feel as if this only applies to each of us! Speak from your heart today – especially as it is Jupiter day – with whatever we send out being expanded and made even more ‘so’!

Speak from your heart and be heard. Speak from your heart and allow your heart to be heard. Speak from your heart and hear others.

Be gentle with yourself. Wear something purple today. And delight in the beauty of you, of others and of this amazing Universe in which we live.

As always, with love, from Alison

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