And so the energy builds …

Energy building, moonlight growing and time to act. Quite a bit to accomplish today then! With yesterday’s New Moon in Gemini, and today’s focus on the planet Mars, it truly is a day when we can all actually GET something beautiful and gorgeous DONE!  Does that seem a little ‘not quite Alison’ to put some words into big letters? As if I might be raising my voice?

I have struggled over the years (and which I have written about previously) with certain aspects of my own astrological chart.  Read here more about what having a twelfth house Sun has meant! However I also have Mars in Libra and not in the most ‘active’ part of my chart. Working with my progressed Mars has been both a challenge and a delight however more of that in a future blog.

Mars is not the most energetic red planet of action for me personally. And so I know to use my Mars energy in other ways. For instance Mars gives me the ability to speak my truth and to walk my walk. When I know that an action is necessary to help me serve better, Mars is there helping me and also gives me the ability to always earn money in some way. I roll up my sleeves and get on with the job I am tasked to do. Now there are other planets and parts of my chart that also assist with that but Mars is the main player. Does this resonate with you?


Today is Tuesday and so the day we honour and celebrate Mars energy in all of his beauty and actions. Whichever way we each of us experience this!  It is also a day of energy building, moonlight growing and time to act.

And so I use big letters to say … What  ONE  action will you TAKE TODAY to stay on purpose with … you?

And, in view of the current astrological patterns that the stars are making in the sky, make it a loving action towards yourself and/or others!

As always, with love, from Alison

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