New Moon in Gemini and choosing our words carefully!

Before I talk about the need to be choosing our words carefully I think I should explain about the picture. Not the usual Monday is ‘Moonday’ photo! I am tucked away in a hotel writing and creating great content for you. I love to get away from distractions when I have blogs and articles to write. And (yes – I can remember ‘way back when’!) these days hotels have WiFi and hot chocolate and places where I can plug my laptop in and just create! And hot chocolate. Has to be done!

choosing our words carefully

Do you have a special place where you can escape to and write or doodle or dream? Do let mw know where it is … or even send a picture!

Today has the New Moon in Gemini which is, amongst many things, the sign of communication and people. And yet there are aspects of the chart that lead me to say …

a) we should be choosing our words carefully.  Great, kind, thoughtful, considered words will beam out around the world and connect you to your neighbours.

b) choosing our words carefully also has the ‘other’ side of ensuring that the words we use need to be well thought through.

Does this make sense? There is a bigger picture at work here. It’s a day to love your words and choose compassionate kindness. There is more on this subject tomorrow however … for now …

For you

New Moon is a time to vision and begin new thoughts – especially as the Moon is in Gemini which is ruled by the Planet Mercury! A Gemini Moon is also a Moon of receiving as well as giving and so you may well find that your own insights and intuitive messages are increasing. Be gentle with yourself.

I send you love. As always!

From Alison

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