Welcome to June

Today is special – Welcome to June! It is the first of the month. It is a Saturday and the day we celebrate the planet of Saturn. This is the month with a Solstice and June 2019 sees a fourth major planetary body going retrograde. Today we enter the dark of the moon awaiting the birth of a New Moon on Monday.


Do you walk outside with bare feet to feel the earth and the grass? To get in touch with nature through the soles of your feet? I know you are thinking “well there’s a place for bare feet and it’s not …” and that is so true. But remember the feel of sand between your toes when you were at the beach and also that amazing sensation of dewey grass? Our feet love to be free and, actually, that gives us the sense of freedom too.

Welcome to June

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I’m loving the chart for today as it has Mercury in Gemini opposite to Jupiter in Sagittarius. A real welcome to June for sure and so a great chart for writing and communicating this means being very real with our conversations. However (!) Jupiter is also making a square aspect to Neptune and so we really need to:

a) be sure of what we’re reading and writing – be curious and ask questions.

b) be aware that there could be mis-information and mis-communication – and also an opportunity to delve deeply and really understand something for ourselves.

c) doodle and use our imagination to dream of plans to be made and new beginnings – let your imagination run free.

Saturn calls to us all to be considered in our actions today. And the whole chart ask us to enjoy some time of going within as we await that glorious new Moon birth.

As always, with Love from Alison

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