Fast thoughts and quick decisions as Mercury trips through Gemini giving barely a thought to the path he is weaving. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and therefore there is a sense of the planet at home as he wends his way. Fast thinking on our feet, reacting quickly to move onward, finding words are at our fingertips – all good and all quite inspired for our lives today. And yet …

Are fast thoughts and quick decisions always the best? Over the next few days Mercury is opposing Jupiter and so we could see an excess of decisions to be made and a struggle to think clearly. Too much information and conflicting ideas may dominate our consciousness. There could be irritability with our self or with others. Remember the Mars aspect from yesterday is still reverberating around. And so we should try to remember who we are and where we come from. And, at the same time, remember that others have their own view of the world.

This is not the easiest of weeks to truly understand how to make best use of the energies … at least not quickly(!). The Universe sends out planetary energy for our use – or not – our choice after all.

On a Wednesday we focus on Mercury and admire his quickness, his wit, dexterity, deep understanding of all aspects of communicating. And thereby is a key to our helpful Mercury at this time.

For you!

Sit in silence, preferably outside and somewhere where you feel safe and quiet. Breathe easily and just relax. Use a (soft sounding) alarm/timer on your phone if you feel anxious about time. Let the Universe, and Mercury, gently whisper to you. You may hear, feel or think something. Or your body, mind and spirit may just be in peace for those moments. It will be perfect for whatever you need to listen to for that moment in your time.

Mercury in Gemini. Take time to allow the thoughts to slow down and you may well be surprised at the insights that appear!

As always, with love, from Alison

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