Mars day and Tuesday. Tuesday and Mars day! Mars rules the zodiacal sign of Aries which is the first sign of our Sun sign cycle.

The planet Mars is the planet of ignition, of doing, of action, of energy and is fast moving around the Universe taking just under two years to orbit the Sun. Mars is known as the red planet due to his colour and also has a very (very) thin atmosphere.

Tuesday is the day when, stating the obvious I know, that I urge us all to get something completed or begun. To start an action, a project, a thing. To do something that is visible and that you can say “I did that!”.

And yet (this week is full of the planets not quite being where we expect them to be!) – Mars is currently in Cancer and making gentle and pleasing aspects to other planets. Yes … making pleasing aspects to other planets!

What is this? Can Mars be ‘touchy/feely’? Surely not!

Well actually martian energy is also responsible for anger … and for passion. Mars inspires deep emotion especially about root causes and core beliefs and for love.

What are you passionate about? I make no secret that I am passionate about the stars and the planets. I get angry about the way we treat our planet and also animals. I am passionate to share astrology in such a way that it reaches as many people as possible. I care deeply to inspire just one person to go outside and watch the Moon.

So. I ask again. What inspires your passion? And … here’s the Mars ‘do it’ part … what one action will you take today to make you feel ‘I DID IT!’ ?

Be gentle. Be loving. Do something that makes you, and others, feel good. Mars day.

As always, with my love, Alison

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