Usually I hear questions about “dreaming more than usual” around a full moon and also around a new moon. We are affected more than at other times when there are significant moon aspects and patterns made in the sky. The Moon governs our tides and the seas, Inspiration and imagination, intuition and emotions, mysteries and secrets from the deep. We are more than likely to receive more insights, and dream more, at these times of activity. However the Moon is waning in energy as the light is fading following the Full moon on the 18th and so something else must be going on!

So why? Why now?

The Moon is currently in Pisces and moving towards a conjunct with the King of the sea, Neptune. We also see the Moon as square to the Sun and Mercury in Gemini and so there could well be some difficult conversations between these energies. And that brings me to the subject of dreaming more than usual. This aspect of Moon/Neptune and Sun/Mercury brings a see-saw of inner and outer. If we let it be a see-saw that is.

Anyone who has worked with me knows that I frequently say “astrology gives us permission to …”  Our pathway here is helped when we have a consciousness around the stars and the planets. And this is one of those times!

Rather than seeing this as an awkward time of trying to make sense of dreams whilst also being called to make an ‘off the cuff’ presentation to a group of people…  I have a different perspective to help us all through this particular challenge set by the Universe.

What is your inner core message? That value or belief that you hold dear. The deeply held emotional ambition driving you every day. And how often do you make your decisions based on it?

We have an opportunity today (and indeed over the next few days) to consider our inner belief in our self and then to voice it. To balance our own personal inner landscape with our own personal outer vocal message.

To walk and talk our truth.

Be gentle with yourself and allow the Universe to unfold for you with grace and with beauty. Let your dreams percolate and slowly become known. When you are with groups of people listen and know that they, also, are gradually becoming aware of their own path.

As always, with Love from Alison x

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