Sunday Sun in Gemini! Are you aware that the Sun arrived into Gemini this week? And, as this is our first Sunday with Gemini energy, we are able to go outside, honour and expect. You can see that Sun in Gemini and have a very sociable time.

Of course the planets and stars (and asteroids) all make a pattern in the sky at every moment. Remember that they are always changing around, moving and weaving. And this is to give us different energies and, for instance, messages with which to work.

My purpose today is to welcome that Sunday Sun in Gemini energy of being so very sociable (Sun conjunct Mercury). And, just as an additional thought, please be aware that there is an aspect of Mars and Uranus which may lend itself to needing to stick to a decision made. Perhaps you will be asked to hold onto a belief, value or thought even if ‘A N Other’ has a different point of view.  Look to the Sun for help with seeing, and accepting, all aspects today whilst holding on to your own ‘self’. And remember Sun in Gemini and a very sociable time.

Be more Sun today!

As always, with love, from Alison

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