The chart for today is one of quietly working behind the scenes and gently easing us all into Saturday energy. The planet Saturn is actually a great energy for those behind the scene tasks and conversations or anything where we need to just get something completed without a big song and dance.

Saturn is in Capricorn and I have begun to mention his big news for the next years or so. Saturn is making a conjunct to Pluto and, currently, they are just a couple of degrees apart. Both planets are retrograde gibving them, and us, time to pause and reflect as to what their conjunction may result in. That there will be some form of transformation is not under discussion however where and how remains shrouded in mystery for us as individuals until we truly start to work with the energies.

And so, and as this is Saturday and therefore the day we honour Saturn, consider that there are parts of your connection with the planets that are quietly working behind the scenes. And then take a few moments to ask yourself what you would like to do today to gently move your self forward.

By the evening all is changing and likely to be busier. You may well find yourself in the thick of family (or tribe!) or watching an action film! This is a day of immersing yourself in what makes you tick and listening and hearing what brings you joy … even quietly working behind the scenes!

As always, with love, from Alison

PS – why not book a call and find out where Saturn was when you were born!


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