Friday & Venus in Taurus.

On a Friday we welcome Venus energy in our acknowledgement and honouring of the planet of the day. The planet is named for Venus the Goddess of abundance. Venus is also Goddess of fertility, love, beauty, victory, crops, green and our hearts full of love.


For this Friday & Venus in Taurus, and because she is still conjunct to Uranus, we have the opportunity to look for different conversations that we have with our own corner of ‘green’. Whether it is a garden, a window box, a pot plant or a field. We all have something that we can converse with and grow. Go outside and look at your part of the ‘green’. Watch how it all changes when the rain falls from the sky and nourishes it. Feel the heat of the Sun changing the green and giving it all the heat it needs for growth. Where would we be with no ‘green’ around us? Just a thought!

For you!

So today please welcome the Goddess Venus and do, be, say or ponder on green growth and abundance. That is the nature of Taurus and our relationship with the planet Venus and the sign!

As always, with Love from Alison x

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