It’s our big and bold Jupiter Thursday and so the quick and easy thought for the day is to expand something. And, when I say that i do mean in the best possible way … not our waistlines!

And the chart for today has such beautiful patterns in the sky. One of the things I love about astrology (there are so many different aspects I both adore and also enjoy the challenge of!) however one thing is watching the ever changing patterns that the stars, planets and asteroids make with each other. No pattern is the same. Every moment has a unique beauty about it. And there is some gorgeous symmetry today.

Venus and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Gemini. Saturn, Pluto and the Moon are all conjunct in Capricorn. All of these stars and planets getting close enough to talk to each other in a friendly way.

Shall we expand our pleasing conversations with each other? Sending beautiful energy for greatness out to each and every one of you today, With love, from Alison

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