Happy Wednesday Mercury day. The day we think about the messages we send out and those we receive. In these snippets of astrology that I send out each day I cannot hope to include everything that is going on (!) however I highlight an essence for the day. And that is both my message out to you and also my own ‘message received’. You see Mercury zooms around the Universe delivering messages in whatever language they are in. He doesn’t necessarily translate or even ‘auto-correct’! The interpretations are down to whoever he delivers the messages to.

Wednesday Mercury day

Much to talk about astrologically and, as I said above, I will bring forward an essence for today. Mercury and the Sun are both now in the very first degree of Gemini.  They are chattering away to each other as they get to know their new home. There is also an exciting Moon trine to Uranus and Venus which continues our recent theme of inspiration.  And, I would add an in additional word, invention. Interesting times it is fair to say and a week when changes will begin.

Enjoy today and happy Wednesday Mercury day. Chat to your neighbours. Be inventive and inspired. Know that the tides are turning and we will begin to look much more outward over the coming days and weeks.

As always, with Love From Alison

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