So … why watch the sky? Would it really help improve my life?

This piece is titled “Use astrology to help improve your life” as I believe that watching the planets and the stars, just as our ancestors have for thousands of years, gives us clues to be better and more ‘ourself’ on a moment by moment basis!

Seeing the Sun rising and setting gives us our idea of the timing of day and night and of the seasons. Watching the Moon through all phases gives us our idea of when there will be additional hours of light at night (useful knowledge to our ancestors) and also for timing of planting and harvest. After a new moon the light is growing (waxing) and so the energy is of growth and renewal. A full moon ushers in a time of the light lessening or waning and so a time to nourish that which is planted. I have included a link to an article about New moon energy at the end of this piece as it links directly in to the subject of “Use astrology to help improve your life”.

When someone asks me about astrology and whether it is complicated I will happily say it is not! Have a look at the Moon and then throw your mind open to the stars. We are of the universe and the language of the stars is there for us all. So how can watching the stars actually improve our lives?

Well much would rest on what you measure an improvement actually as. If it is feeling more aligned with the Earth and with the Universe – read on! Do you feel more grounded relaxed – read on! Or maybe you are wishing to reconnect with our child-like curiosity – read on.

Use astrology to help improve your life

I know you can listen to, and experience, amazing information at all times. Information from your own inner landscape, from the stars and the planets. And also Information gleaned from the messages and symbols that our eyes and ears become aware of.

Just take a moment to consider how much richer your life would be by receiving the unique information that the Universe wants you to hear and all the possibilities available to use astrology to help improve your life.


Our Birth map

At the moment of our birth the stars and planets formed a unique map in the Universe. It is so very rare to meet someone for whom the same blueprint would have been mapped, even twins will have slight differences in the positioning of the stars at their different moments of birth.

And, as the Universe is constantly on the move, so the effects of the planets and stars toward our birth chart is unique for each of us. By understanding our charts and what is happening now so we can listen to the rhythm of the Universe for our own personal story.  The Universe wants the absolute best for us and sends us planetary energy of help!

Your chart


We have our own inner language of intuition. How we are able to really listen to those ‘gut’ feelings which may defy our own thought processes and yet turn out to have a wealth of understanding of the self. You may access it by looking at a tarot card or by meditation. Or maybe you are more aware of the quick thoughts that seem to zoom into your mind unexpectedly.

Perhaps you hear the whispers from the Universe as you stand outside under the Moon!

Use astrology to help improve your life

You may have gathered by now that I absolutely know, with every little bit of stardust that makes me, that I am truly empowered when I listen to my intuition, the rhythm of the universe and the interpretation of symbols that I meet along the way. And so are you!

Within intuition development groups I have offered the following as inspiration towards listening and hearing our inner senses. And so I invite you too!

Consider your five usual senses that you use every day and then we will expand them in order to experience living more fully in each present moment. To see, hear, taste, smell and feel with depth. Right now. Here we go!

Take a moment to go outside and just focus your sight on one object. Really look at it. And then take your sight a little out of focus. What do you see? 

What can you hear right at this moment? And then take that hearing further – close your eyes and what more do you hear? What more can you sense?

When you eat something next take a moment to really think about the taste. And then take another moment to describe the taste to yourself.  

Focus on a scent and describe it to yourself … in depth! What more can you sense?

And lastly. And again outside. Touch a stone with your eyes closed. Describe it to yourself.

These are just taster ideas to begin to expand the senses and to listen to the inner voice and, of course to use astrology to help improve your life.


And then …

I mentioned feeling aligned and grounded by watching the stars and the planets. I encourage everyone to look at the Moon as soon as they start working with me. One person had this to say:

“Thank you Alison for making me look at the Moon. I can’t remember the last time I took time our of my evening to do that.”

I ‘made’ her look at the moon (!) … it’s happy that she now regularly takes a few minutes to connect at new and full moons … it’s wonderful that she wrote to me! Plus she now regularly has chart readings and uses astrology for help with her business decisions!

So I ask you now another question. Why wouldn’t you look at the Moon and other planets? To touch in with your ancestors by doing what they did? Why not stand in silence and in awe at the amazing universe that we are so honoured to live in? What if those five minutes that you take to just watch the night sky are exactly perfect for that moment in time? And lastly … watching the stars is not the domain of a few … it is a part of all of our heritage and our futures!

all around the world

You have all the answers already! You have access to the rhythm of the universe already. Truly.

And did I mention that we all have continual access to the greatest creative energy of all? Love.

As Always, With Love, From Alison

PS I am enclosing a link here to a previous article about New Moon energy for new thoughts click here