Mercury and the Sun

Tuesday and a rather special day! Mercury and the Sun both change signs by this time tomorrow. There is always something very special and interesting when a planet (or star) changes sign and it is worth while keeping a note of this. Each sign of the zodiac has it’s own ‘flavour’ and traits. Aries is a very different kettle of fish to neighbours Taurus and Pisces. And so, when a planet (or star) moves form a sign and into the next the energy changes dramatically! Therefore a move into the sign of Gemini will reverberate throughout the Universe. The energy ripples will be felt by us all in some way or other!

In this case Mercury and the Sun are both now at the last degree of Taurus. And so I would invite you to think back over the last month and ask yourself what will you be taking with you into the next? And yes, our calendar month is still the same, but the planets will be moving from one sign into another and not forgetting where they have been! The Sun and Mercury moving into Gemini will alter the way that we look at, and communicate with, certain aspects of life here in our homes, our streets, our communities …

For you!

Tuesday and a rather special day because Tuesday is Mars day and our day of action. Shall we resolve to serve our small corner of our world well? What will you do? Tuesday has a great energy for us to get things done. I invite you to tackle that list and do something!

As always, with Love, from Alison x

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