Moon day and Monday! The Moon is in Sagittarius and making a square to Neptune. More about that later.

For now what did the Full Moon at the weekend bring up for you? If something surfaced did you have the right inspiration to deal with it? We are so blessed in this time to have access to many different good and beautiful:-

ways of healing, of talking, of meditating, of distracting ourselves, of hearing inner voice …

And so I am going to say that, actually, all of it is OK. Yes – even distraction is absolutely fine if it is listening to our inner voice and right for you and beneficial! Sometimes immersing the self in an engrossing film is exactly the best thing. Or listening to music while in a bubble bath … Or finding a counsellor who can help you through and beyond something … or a Reiki Practitioner to give energy.  Or exploring making art. Especially on a Monday and moon day!

You know what is right for you and what will inspire you to greater things. And so today is Monday and ruled by the Moon. And the current planetary map shows Moon square to Neptune. Give a few minutes (or longer) today to ponder, or write about, what will inspire you to even more greatness.

As always, with Love, from Alison

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