How are you feeling? There’s a reason for asking!

However, I usually keep Sunday Astrology snippets short due to it being … well … Sunday. However there is rather a lot going on today. So …

Last night saw a deeply awe-inspiring Full Moon in Scorpio which also saw the Sun trine to Pluto and Saturn. Deeply awe-inspiring and much space for dreaming and vision questing. And the energy will still be reverberating around for today and into tomorrow.

Today’s chart has the Moon moving into Sagittarius and so taking that wonder-full energy and into the sign which happily broadcasts it across the world and beyond. It’s as if the Universe is telling us to take hold of our dreams and expand them and grow them and record them somewhere.

And then there is a conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Taurus and that, together with other aspects, lead me to ask you ‘ How Are You?’

And so there is the essence of Sunday’s chart for you today. How are you feeling? How are you and yours feeling? And are you able to enjoy a balancing act today?

Current Planetary Activity = nights of not sleeping and then nights of deep sleeping. Dreams being dreamt at night / visions arising for changes to be made later in the year.

Breathe and know that .. actually … all in good time and nothing needs rushing right now.

Enjoy being here on this wonder-full little blue planet!

As always, with love, from Alison

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