Saturn’s day

Saturday is Saturn’s day and today the chart has a trine between Saturn and the Sun/Mercury conjunct in Taurus. Saturn is in Capricorn and currently retrograde plus he is conjunct to Pluto (also retrograde). What does this all mean I hear you say!

Well Saturn has many layers and aspects as we use and understand the energy in our own charts – if you would  like to book a chart discovery call and find out where Saturn is in your chart just click here for more details!

Saturn's day

Amongst many things Saturn is said to be symbolised by the metal lead in alchemy, Saturn can also be symbolised by the stones of obsidian, jet, onyx or deep sapphire. Consider how the Sun will bring out a glistening to a stone such as granite or a gleam to lead. Saturn has gold when we look, or work, with it.

For you!

Working with Saturn requires patience and care. Often a Saturn transit will ask for the ‘i’s to be dotted and the ‘t’s crossed. And yet then we received the rewards. Saturn will always reward.

And so, for today, I’d love to hear where you find unexpected gold or glimpse a shimmer out of the corner of your eye.

As always, with love, from Alison x

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