Friday thoughts as we celebrate Venus and so much more! If you have been around the blogs over the last few days you will have realised our astrology of now has planets changing signs and going retrograde and all sorts of movements. Of course no planets actually go retrograde due to the whole Universe constantly moving forwards. However they seem to be still or moving backwards according to our perspective from Earth. However back to our Friday thoughts and here is both a recap of where we are right now and also sunrise essence for today!

1) Venus has entered into Taurus and is now at 2º conjunct to Uranus at 3º ;

2) Mars is at 0º (40′) of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon ;

3) The Moon is at 3º Scorpio as it begins to close in on opposing the Sun and thus becoming full tomorrow (a full moon is where the Moon and Sun are opposite each other);

4) The Sun is in Taurus which is ruled by Venus.

Friday thoughts for today and the day we honour Venus and so it feels beautiful to be able to connect the dots to form a circle such as above. Circle.

Shall we celebrate circles today? Venus loves family (whether by blood or by tribe) and Venus in Taurus brings to mind the hearth. So find time today to go outside and touch the earth. And enjoy the connection with our ancestors.

As always, with love, from Alison x

PS – Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are all retrograde giving us all pause to reflect. On Venus day especially give yourself permission to take time for you!

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