Venus has just entered into Taurus and meets up with Uranus in a conjunction. And Mercury, plus the Sun, are also in that sign. Quite a powerhouse of Taurean energy for our delight. And we can focus that on our desire to help the planet with a beautiful Mars entering into Cancer. Oh yes and Mars is opposite to Jupiter.

So big energy and yet a short message from me to you today! What are you able to do right now to help our amazing little blue planet Earth? And then what else are you able to do today?

It only takes one small step from each of us to add together into a giant step forward.

We are all unique and with our own pathways to walk. Imagine if we all did one small yet different thing … what a difference we could make. In one day!

Jupiter energy is big energy. Taurus loves the earth and all things to be cherished.

As always, with Love from Alison

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