Mercury is at 16º Taurus today which is making an interesting angle to Saturn. And so we could be forgiven for not expecting any dramatic conversations. Couldn’t we? However there are several aspects to this particular energy.

Read here for NASA information about Mercury! 

When I set the chart for sunrise we see that Saturn is conjunct to the South Node of the Moon. And both are trine to Mercury. With the Moon in Libra, opposite to Chiron, it is a mix which could bring challenges to the surface because both deal with emotions and wounds to heal.

Mercury is at 16º Taurus today.  It is contained within a powerful mixture of planets and stars and one that I recommend to be aware of. Because of this you could find memories of the past are surfacing and that those memories wish to be heard. The Moon in Libra will offer us all tact and compassion whether for ourselves or for others.

For you!

The universe sends us planetary patterns giving energies for us to use in our evolution. We are all unique and at different stages of our “work in progress”.

This is mental health week. And so the planets are also saying to be aware of where we have come from and how much we, individually and collectively, have evolved.

Be loving towards your self and also towards others.

As always, with love, from Alison

PS – I always include Chiron in my consultations as he holds many keys to the karma, and past wounds, we were born to recover from. Curious – click here for details!