Yes it’s Tuesday again and the day of the week we honour Mars energy. The God Mars will move mountains and start actions off for us when we tune in and ask!

Mars is in Gemini and at 29º of that sign. So we had better make use of him giving us that extra buzz as he prepares to leave the sign of the zodiac most concerned with communication and to enter Cancer at Sunrise (GMT) on Thursday.

And also we know that Mars is opposite Jupiter right now – which both expands and exacerbates the energy. There is a note of caution around the chart for today and that is to not let yourself get away with … well … yourself! It is absolutely fine to decide to run a mile and yet not 24 unless you are a marathon runner! It is a brilliant idea to begin making something or to plan a new direction and take steps toward it. Just ensure that you don’t push expectations too far.

I know. This sounds very confusing. On the one hand I am saying ‘do’ and ‘act’ and ‘begin’. And yet also ‘caution for taking it gently’. As if Mars could ever take anything gently! However remember that we have all of the planets and stars creating their weaving patterns for our benefit – ever changing charts and maps.

Mars plus Jupiter will certainly offer us the opportunity to push big plans and put actions into motion. And we need to – as the energies of the last few days have been very much geared towards our inner contemplations. However knowing that there is big energy forming in the Universe (and the chart for today has no less than 3 grand trines) leads us to conscious choice of how we use energy to our best advantage.

be gentle and as always, with love, from Alison

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