Sun day and the day of the Sun. The Sun today is in Taurus and the Moon in Leo. Create and play. Be open to joy of living here on planet Earth and also to the wonder of this amazing Universe in which we live. The Sun and Moon would have been the earliest planetary bodies visible to our ancestors and, together, they give us warmth, light, months and years. The Sun and the Moon give us a rhythm of life. Imagine for a moment the sense of awe and wonder seen from here on earth as those two planetary bodies moved around the Universe. As the Sun rose so the light of the day brought safety and activity. As the Sun set and the Moon rose so the night beckoned and shadows lengthened. Evening and nighttime. Sleep and dreams.


I would love to hear how you see the Sun and the Moon? How you feel about the cycle of their rhythm. Do you Moon watch?

The Moon is waxing in energy as it grows towards fullness next week. And the Sun is moving toward the Solstice in June. Times are changing as always.

And, as always, with love, from Alison

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