Saturday and Saturn!

It’s Saturday and Saturn is retrograde. Also today we honour and enjoy Saturn energy as we decide what to do with our time and how to structure our day ahead. If you saw the article yesterday then you will be aware of our thoughts needing to vision our world.

Saturday and Saturn is retrograde

Here’s an excerpt from yesterday and Venus day:

“Imagine you are that butterfly emerging from the safe and warm cocoon in which you have been growing. You suddenly see that there is a bigger world and that you are a part of it. And actually that you are a very significant part of the whole.  How will you use Venus energy today to make your world a more beautiful world … for you …”

Our planet Saturn is retrograde currently (and remains so for quite some time). Over the next few months he will be making all kinds of different patterns with other stars and planets.  We will have the opportunity to learn so much about our inner landscapes. Saturday and Saturn is retrograde and today he is trine to the Sun. This gives us all the opportunity to breathe life into our butterfly vision of how we wish our world to be. Bring a vision into form and begin your journey towards it!

For you!

And so I return to today and to Saturn. How will you structure these hours ahead? To make time for work, play and stillness. Saturn is all about ‘the work’ and yet there is so much more to Saturn than the business part of work. Saturn helps us to make time and enjoy being curious and learning. And questioning. And being still.

Enjoy and as always, with love, from Alison

PS – This Saturn retrograde will prompt all of us into changes over the coming months. Curious? Click here for details of my discovery calls!

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