The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all in Taurus today and lending their energy for inspired thoughts about who we are as individuals. Rather a large thought to drop into your feed at this time on a Friday! However Venus is in Aries and, as this is a Friday and as such ruled by the Goddess Venus, we are in a position to ponder how we display our self to the world. If I say that I see the pattern made by the planets for today as a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis maybe you will get the idea that it is totally fine for us to develop and evolve and improve.

So … how are you displaying your self? And, perhaps more crucially, how do you see yourself?

Imagine you are that butterfly emerging from the safe and warm cocoon in which you have been growing. You suddenly see that there is a bigger world and that you are a part of it. And actually that you are a very significant part of the whole.

How will you use Venus energy today to make your world a more beautiful world … for you …

As always, with love, From Alison

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