Thursday & Mars opposite Jupiter and today is Jupiter day and so the day that we celebrate Big, Bold energy. Jupiter expands and enjoys. He is jovial and yet is said to rule the sky and thunder. He would be less interested in painting a miniature and be the first in the queue to paint a mural. And then he would shout loudly and proudly to celebrate what he produced. Is this energy useful to you?

And the chart for today Thursday & Mars opposite Jupiter (yes this is still a significant aspect and so maybe we have some time to fully process the impact of that) and also trine to Venus. This is a chart for having vision and then making that vision real. It is a chart for giving us all permission to allow our dreams to speak to us.

If you could have one dream, one wish, one vision … what would it be? Draw it, doodle it, picture it.

I have one more thing to say about all of those retrograde planets currently making their presence felt by us all. Nothing in our Universe ever stands still or travels backwards. However the energy certainly changes when planets (and stars) alter their movements away from their usual patterns. It gives us time to reflect, process and fill our selves up with awe and curiosity.

Knowing where the planets (and stars) were at the moment of your birth will enable you to understand the ease, or unease, of your choices and paths ahead. Are you curious?

As always, with Love, from Alison x

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