Middle of the week and Mercury would like to welcome you to Wednesday and to say that you are in the best of company. Mercury is currently in Taurus conjunct to Uranus (same degree) and loosely conjunct to the Sun. Also intriguing is the Mars in Gemini conjunct to Moon in Cancer. So the scene is set for some interesting conversations with the emphasis on making plans for the days and weeks ahead.

Given that Mercury enjoys the messages flowing, and that he zooms around the Universe at great speed, there could be mis-communication around. And yes that could be with your nearest and dearest or … maybe with yourself!

There is an opportunity today and the middle of the week to think about the message we carry within ourselves. To listen to our self whether inner or outer. Be ready to hear what our bodies need in the way of care and compassion. Even to consider our path ahead and how we wish to shape the road.  And to plot the sign posts and realign ourselves in terms of career, finances or well-being.

Interesting times. And not just for Wednesday it has to be said.

Take time to listen to your self. Write, journal, doodle your thoughts. And enjoy chatting with others.

As always, with Love, from Alison

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