Tuesday is the day of the week ruled by the planet Mars and many indigenous languages contain ‘mars’ or ‘mar’ within their name for Tuesday. Just saying the word evokes Mars energy. Indeed the Welsh and Cornish languages also involve mars as Tuesday – Mawrth and Meurth respectively (apologies if I have any spellings incorrect!).

The planet Mars is the instigator. Action, war and passion are within his realms. We can bring that energy to earth as action for our true purpose. Or action toward a goal. To begin something – which is far better than not beginning! To act and to do.

Currently there is a rather useful Mars in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius energy in the sky. Available to us all. Mars communicating and ensuring that all aspects of our project are considered.

Making travel plans? Lots of choice … maybe too many options. And yet you will also have the information at your finger tips in order to make a great decision.

Use Mars energy to fully explore what ever project you are expanding or willing to manifest.

No holding back. Take one action step toward something today … rewards will follow.

As always, with love, from Alison x


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