Monday and the Moon is moving into Gemini. Over in the Facebook group click here to join our new group we have been celebrating the festival of Beltane. Welcoming the fertility of the land. Dancing and enjoying Spring. Seeing colour and green returning. And yet, on the other side of the world, the festival is that of celebrating harvest and preparing for the earth to sleep.

And that brings us to the Moon moving into Gemini whilst the Sun is in Taurus. The Gemini twin energy of celebrating birth and rebirth. Abundance and renewal.

How do you recharge your batteries? And not only on a Monday and the Moon day! Do you find time for silence and quiet? Recharging our batteries can be inner and outer, nourishment on many levels.

How do you renew your emotional view of your world because we often forget that we are rounded people with may requirements for our continued survival. Heat and food, shelter and water, social interactions and learning.

Questions to journal, write or ponder on. explore what makes you tick because you are truly unique and what ‘works’ for one person may be the opposite of what you require. The Moon in Gemini would absolutely love to help delve deep and then celebrate!

As Always, with Love, from Alison x

PS – Planets in retrograde are giving pause to reflect and then to make changes. Book your consultation to find out how this can be helpful for you! click here