Sunday Sunday Sunday and our glorious Sun in Taurus. Welcome! The Universe still carries the New Moon energy from yesterday along with all of the promise and excitement of the birth. Do you see a new moon as a birth? Our ancestors would wait for the Moon when it was at its darkest and then celebrate that tiny sliver of silver appearing in the sky. It wouldn’t last long as, due to the proximity of the Moon to the Sun , the New Moon would set with the Sun. However it was enough. They had seen. The Moonlight was returning. Hours of light were increasing.

Sunday Sunday Sunday and our glorious Sun in Taurus

Welcome to our glorious Sun in Taurus. What will you celebrate today? Give thanks for. Enjoy. Take a moment to appreciate? Our world is a beautiful one. The Universe is amazing and completely supportive of us as humans. Everything is as it needs to be for our lives to evolve.

I celebrate you. I thank you for being here. Would you reach out to someone and thank them today? Or find a way of thanking our planet?

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As Always, With love, from Alison


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