New Moon and Saturn. Saturday is the day that we recognise Saturn energy. Increasingly our hours of work are more suited to our particular industries and less about a Monday to Friday 9-5. My own business is very much about being available for clients outside of their normal working day. In fact I have worked at weekends for many years and happily so. Firstly – I have never really seen what I do as work! I love all aspects of astrology and symbolism and seeing how we all evolve and grow. Secondly – my husband plays golf and he plays golf at the weekend as well as at other times. Thirdly – I enjoy being in a position to put my clients at ease by offering appointments during a weekend.
I still have boundaries. And have diary time for me!
New Moon and Saturn
Saturn is the planet of work and also time. New Moon and Saturn. Saturn enjoys boundaries. Where do you set your time related boundaries? And, as the Moon is New today could you make those boundaries stronger?
The chart for today has that Moon/Uranus conjunct that I spoke of yesterday. And the planet Saturn is retrograde along with Pluto and Jupiter. So it is a rather strange time we are in the midst of!
However, and whatever you decide to do today, make some time to enjoy yourself. Invest time in you. And set those boundaries. You will reward yourself for it!
As always, with love, from Alison x
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