Friday & a day to feel the love whilst also wondering why?! Welcome to Friday and the day we celebrate the goddess Venus and all things beauty, green, pink, loving and friendships. Connections. And yet there is a strange element to the chart for today which could lend a rather unsettled sense to our connections. It’s a build up.

Friday and to speak of love

To tomorrow’s chart.

The Moon in Aries is travelling over Mercury as it moves through into the next sign of Taurus (very late at night) and ready for an assignation or meet up with Uranus.

However if I go to the sunrise chart for today we see a rather lovely Venus conjunct to the Moon to start the day. And so, and because all energies are meant for our best possible purpose, why not begin the day as you intend to finish it! Friday & a day to feel the love!

For you!

Take five minutes out this morning to sit in nature or in stillness somewhere where you feel supported. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Visualise the colour green or pink. Expand it outwards. Open your eyes and know that you have sent that colour all around the planet!

As always, with love, From Alison x

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