Thursday Jupiter day. What a great day for being great! An amazing day for being bold. Epic day for being big, bold and great! It’s Jupiter day and yet we know Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius. So … if you follow my posts you will know that I recognise retrograde planets as such a crucial energy in our evolvement and involvement here on our planet.

Jupiter is opposite Mars and has the potential to help us be very much inspired. In these early days of May, and bearing in mind this is the fifth month of the year, are you beginning to set the scene for the next chapter? I only ask as we are now into the dark energy of the Moon – waiting for the New Moon on Saturday. Plus we are in the middle of celebrating the festival of Beltane – a time for being grateful for abundance and our amazing fertile earth. If you are in the southern hemisphere you will be celebrating Samhain and the quietening of the earth. Turning points. The cycle of our planet continues always.

In our Facebook group we are celebrating the Beltane energy – if you are interested in knowing more please do join! click here for details!

Enjoy Thursday. Thursday Jupiter day. Enjoy Jupiter. And welcome to May.

As always, with love, from Alison  

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