Welcome to May!

Wednesday and welcome to May. However it’s also Wednesday and the day we look for messages and quirky thoughts. And it is also the First of May and a time for celebrations. Quite a lot to celebrate! Beltane is the festival celebrated now in the Western hemisphere and, astrologically, it is the point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. However we will actually see true Beltane at the weekend. If you wish you could celebrate abundance and fertility of the land for the whole of this week! Why? Because Beltane does represent one of the turning points of the year and so has great astrological significance.

This is quite an exciting week. And a powerful one as you will see. A great scene setter as it were for the next few months!

Mercury is sitting beautifully in Aries and in trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Oh yes and Mars in Gemini is opposite Jupiter. All very inspirational and active. With Mercury ruling trade we will expect much from developing ideas for commerce. Or perhaps you begin writing that book!

Saturn has just turned retrograde which is an event that, I have no doubt, we will return (excuse the pun!) to over the next few months. He is conjunct to Pluto and I do expect that deep thoughts will arise. There is plenty of time to delve into them – however, on this Mercury day, it would be well to note them down in some way. Shadows may well begin to surface needing the light of understanding.

For you!

Wednesday and welcome to May. Look beyond the messages you see and hear within the media. Allow your own truths to emerge and be nurtured.

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As always, with Love, from Alison

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