Tuesday and welcome and we began April knowing that there were five Tuesdays in the month. This meant five opportunities in the month of April to call in Mars energy and honour Tuesday’s connection to that planet. Mars the fiery red planet in the sky. Are you now at completion of your mini-project or goal? I am at a point now of being able to pop my Inspiration Notebook into my bag and know that I can find those quotes and mantras whenever I need them … easily! Win!

I would love to hear what you have accomplished this month?

Saturn is now retrograde and remains so until mid- September. He joins Jupiter and Pluto in a retrograde status. It will be tempting to think that nothing will get done, wheels will turn slowly, decisions overturned and we all feel cold and unloved! NO! These are heavy weight planetary bodies pausing and moving differently for a time. These next few months are times of unease … or of taking time to think things through. We have an opportunity to imagine different outcomes and scenarios to our choices and potentials. By consideration, thoughtfulness, taking time and allowing the universe to send us ideas and inspirations we truly can rest in the flow and enjoy different ways of looking at things.

Tuesday and welcome and be gentle with yourselves. Take actions to complete projects and use time to do them well. The rewards will follow!

And here is an overview from NASA all about Saturn. Read here and enjoy!

As always, with love, From Alison

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