A dreaming time and Monday is the day of the Moon. And the Moon is in Pisces right now joining Neptune. I called this piece ‘A dreaming time’ as the chart for today has a dreamy aspect to it. A day for nurturing and caring. I almost want to say that we should see this ripple throughout the planet. This is a day for sending the vibration of healing out – to surround our little blue planet with loving energy and then let it expand out into the Universe.

A dreaming time

For you!

If you feel emotions today rise to the surface … let them if you can.  And be aware that others may well be feeling emotive today too.

Today is a day to be with your dreams and with your innermost thoughts. And yet we also have our daily lives to live too! So make time today for you at some point. Enjoy moments spent with friends or loved ones – whether here physically or by thought. Find a moment to walk outside and greet the ancient wisdom held by nature.

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With Love always – Alison

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