SunDay Are you feeling that sense of glorious Sun! It’s a Sun Day and a great day to honour the Sun.

Be Glorious and proud of your accomplishments over the past week and month. The Sun is that great fire star in the sky and beams out energy at all times.

And that is your invitation too! Be bright and light and beam out pure sunlight. We are all of the stars and have star dust within – made of and from the stars. The Sun is our constant energy for heat and light. Take that star knowledge that you have and know that the wisdom is shared throughout our universe. Wow. Isn’t that just the most incredible though to have?

Is it a miracle that we are all a part of this amazing universe at this exact moment in time? That the Universe has exactly the correct conditions for our survival? And, not only survival, but our evolution too!

SunDay Are you feeling ready to Enjoy Sunday? And to truly know that we are all connected to one another on this beautiful planet we call home.

As always, with Love, form Alison

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