Today is our wonderful Saturday visit with Saturn as we focus on his energy on his day! We also have a Moon (Aquarius) square to the Sun (Taurus) in the sky and this will give a general thoughtful and considerate air to the day. Are you planning changes in the garden ..  Are you aware of stories in the media of environmental issues … Are your thoughts sad at how we have treated our planets OR inspired to take some action and, perhaps, a bag out with you to collect rubbish?

And, actually, one of the best ways to use the energy for today, together with Saturday & Saturn, will be to plan for the future. Maybe your plan will be for yourself and your own plot of land. Or a plan for the neighbourhood. Today is a day for careful thought and consideration for what makes you feel inspired to do. And then use Saturn to do it well!

Saturn energy is deeply particular to get things right and considerately. As anyone who has ever worked with me will tell you – Saturn also has great rewards. I always say that, especially during a Saturn transit or on Saturn’s day (!),  Saturn rewards with a pot of gold and that pot of gold will be exactly the reward that suits you – although may well be very different to your expectation! In a good way of course as, always remember, the Universe wants the best for us. And you are loved.

From Alison


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