Venus Day Friday and we are into the last few days of the Month of April. The sun is now firmly in Taurus. Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Aries. Other planets and stars are making beautiful patterns in the sky. And Pluto turned retrograde early yesterday in Capricorn. Today Pluto is conjunct the Moon. This is scene setting for our gorgeous Venus day today.

Venus Day Friday and a day to be counting our talents. Count our talents? Absolutely yes. We all have many, many talents and skills. Some we have developed and others we just do. Is it a talent to bake a cake? A talent to build a wall? Is it a talent to sing a song on stage or a lullaby to a child? For today ponder on your actions and just how many of them reveal your unique talents and skills.

Your birth chart uncovers hidden talents and skills as well as your values and your potentials. The map of the stars under which you were born gave you your unique qualities .. is that miraculous? If you’d like to hear more click here to book your discovery call!

As always, with love, from Alison

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