Mercury enjoys all types of communication and the chart for today shows Mercury is conjunct to Venus and Chiron – all in Aries. Writing in long hand, decoratively and evocative of times past, would be a way of encouraging the very best of Mercurial vibrations in these aspects. What if you did put pen to paper and write?

On a Wednesday we usually look at sending our message(s) out and also how we receive messages. Today, given the chart for the day, we have the opportunity to look at the presentation of what we send out. I love writing and putting pen to paper. Yes the keyboard is faster and, often, clearer. However there is something about the connection of brain to paper through the pen that seems to bring a different part of consciousness to the forefront. Perhaps we look at our presentation of how we speak and how we express words verbally.

For today use Mercurial energy to consider how another person will receive your words.

As Always, with Love, From Alison


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